Hydraulic set.
Pump with hose and cylinder either 8Tm or 14Tm, depending on requirements.
Includes all the necessary adapters and has the capacity to store up to 10 punches of your choice (not included in the price).
For sheet thickness <=1 mm, regardless of the diameter of the punch, use 5400CH.
For metal sheet thicknesses > 1 mm:
For metal sheet thicknesses > 1 mm:
For diameters less than 75 mm, use 5400CH.
From diameters > 75 mm upwards use 5414CH.

Bullet points

  • Hydraulic system increases working speed.
  • Longer blade life.

HYDRAULIC PART reference list

Ref. Weight Price Strength Sparepart Accessories Buy
5400CH 6.5Kg 995,00 € 8
5414CH 7.6Kg 1.165,00 € 14